Vocational Technical Center

This center was created to respond to the need to help young people and adolescents in marginalized neighborhoods of Chinandega, whose potential for future professionalism and leadership characteristics within their community are limited in their studies due to their economic situation.

Haldo Dubon Callejas School

This school is attended by 300+ students among children and adolescents in situations of risk, whose economic activity was to select and collect plastic, cans, bottles, cardboard, and other materials in the garbage dump of the city of Chinandega.This center provides others with education from preschool to secondary school, free daily meals, general medical care, medications and dental services. Sports, cultural and school garden activities are also promoted; which contributes to complement the skills, abilities and development of young people to contribute to the reduction of juvenile delinquency and domestic violence.

Santa Lucia House

Currently Casa Santa Lucia houses 9+ children from various places in Nicaragua. These children have a period of adaptation and training in different activities including learning music, crafts, physiotherapy and writing in the Braille System, trained and attended by a specialized staff.

After the training period, they are integrated into the formal school system with sighted children attending primary and secondary school.

Casa Santa Lucia provides non-sighted children with lodging, clothing, medical assistance, medicines and, above all, a lot of understanding and love so that in the future they can fend for themselves and integrate into society.